CTM is an Italian company of national and international relevance in the design and construction of industrial ovens and kilns for different industries and materials. In the market for over 50 years, it stands out for the wide range of products successfully installed, spreading MADE IN ITALY throughout the world.
The reputation that our customers have awarded us thanks to the efficiency, innovation and quality of our daily work, now represents a starting point. No longer a goal but a pre-condition that calls for constant improvement.


Understanding and solving a customer's needs based on the historical experience gained with meticulous attention to every technical detail.



The best innovation springs from the knowledge and the respect of the tradition



Thanks to the competence of our management, derived from years of experience in the field and the professionalism of our technical staff, we are able to meet every requirement and need of the customers. We are also available for consultancy services and for feasibility studies, useful activities for the development at a later stage of the design and implementation of the order according to effectiveness and efficiency principles.





CTM S.r.l. manufactures its products in the province of Milan, having an area of 3,000 square meters equipped with the latest machinery. Milling machines, lathes, presses and bending presses, shearing machines, water jet cutting tables allow us customized executions with high quality standards.

We invite clients to visit our plant and know our staff. Check the correspondence of what was stated before and during the progress of the project as a guarantee of execution, respecting quality and applicable standards.



Our company offers a wide range of models of industrial ovens and driers for many industries, such as: metallurgy, plastics, chemicals, electrical engineering, glass, laboratory for industrial and chemical use, medical and cosmetics.

Each model has different versions in terms of size and operating temperature.
We work together with the customer from consulting to the actual implementation of the product through a qualified design of the job, proposing customized solutions.
Temperatures, sizes, automation and special needs are no longer a problem but an opportunity.

Our products can powered by different methods:

  • industrial ovens and electric dryers;
  • industrial ovens and driers with gaseous or liquid combustion;
  • industrial ovens and driers using diathermic oil or steam.

The same types of power can also be considered for the special versions.

Our products can be equipped on request with purification systems by means of catalytic or thermal post burners.

Standard and special accessories complete "THE INDUSTRIAL OVEN CTM".

CTM S.r.l. complies with the applicable EC standards or requested.


Contact us during the evaluation phase of an industrial oven to compare views, ideas and know the new trends both in construction and technology.
From the standard oven to codesign, realizations which share a single factor, a qualified and expert design on thermal issues of the key industrial sectors.
Proactiveness and sharing, essential elements for the optimal solution.



CTM S.r.l. has adopted an internal quality management system that provides suggestions with respect to the strategy and to the goals to be taken in compliance with the existing standards; this allows a periodic monitoring of our progress
Consequently we submit every product to careful testing, in compliance with the applicable EC standards or requested.
Officially certified equipment is available to meet customer needs.

CTM S.r.l. agrees that the company's performances are also realized in terms of safeguarding the environment, through a continuous improvement of production processes and pollution and risk prevention. All our supplies, in fact, can be equipped with equipment designed to monitor the flow rate of the chimneys and with flue gas purification systems with the goal of reducing consumption of energy.