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Industrial Furnaces
"since 1960, 50 years of work all over the world"


    We submit each product to careful testing, and we have a laboratory with reference equipment calibrated by SIT, thus ensuring a temperature uniformity throughout the oven chamber.
    The prosecution of this activity can be carried out through scheduled audits or upon specific request.  The findings of the measurements with the related areas of improvement will enable to issue of a "certification of uniformity" of the temperature.
    The activity involves, in agreement with your production needs, the visit of our specialized personnel at your premises or, alternatively, the audit can be carried out directly at our factories.


    We are available to carry out scheduled audits (annual or semi-annual), with instruments calibrated by SIT centres, to check the "thermal" status of your ovens, with the release of "thermometric certification" suitable and necessary for the maintenance and updating of your quality systems.
    The activity involves, in agreement with your production needs, the visit of our specialized personnel at your premises to carry out the activity of certification (required by "SIT") or, alternatively, the audit can be carried out directly at our factories.


    Do you know how much air recycle occurs in your ducts? We can measure it.
    Our new probe, made of aluminium for use up to a temperature of 400°C, associated with a pressure gauge allows you to check and, if you want, to manage the air flow of your chimneys.
    The information is used to manually change the degree of opening/closing of the chimney gate.
    It is also possible to automatically adjust the degree of opening/closing of the gate by a differential pressure transducer, which provides an analogue signal in current (4-20 mA) or voltage (0-10 v) that can be used as control signal. They occupy a strategic position within global production.


    During the evaluation phase of an industrial oven contact us to compare views, ideas and know the new trends both in construction and technology.
    From the standard oven to codesign, realizations which share a single factor, a qualified and expert design on thermal issues of the key industrial sectors.
    Proactiveness and sharing, essential elements for the optimal solution.


    Our technical and/or commercial staff is available to address and solve at your premises issues and/or meet the needs of your thermal production processes.
    Please contact us by phone or use the form in the CONTACTS section, we'll be glad to share your question and satisfied when solving it.


    If unscheduled maintenance or an unexpected event influence your thermal production process contact us. A rental service is available for industrial ovens with standard size and temperature to meet your needs.
    This service requires, in order to find the best solution, the knowledge of your operations and the application of the oven in the production process.


    With the high-pressure water jet cutting system with abrasive it is possible to cut materials of different nature and thickness, without causing any thermal or chemical deformations and micro-cracks. With the aid of the numerical control (*.dxf, *.dwg files) we can realize on behalf of third parties any geometric figure or artistic form.
    The main applications include:
    Metallic materials with frequent cutting issues with conventional systems (stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, titanium and other countless materials).
    Machining along complex shapes of slabs of marble, stone, granite, porcelain stoneware or single firing tiles; in these situations, water jet cutting proved itself the only process which can be integrated in the context of a flexible and automatic production.
    Definition of technical items, such as industrial gaskets, foams, rubber, thermal insulation and soundproofing items, and many others.
    Cutting of simple, armoured or multilayer glass, where the jet of water is replacing the use of diamond tools, subject to rapid wear and limitations of shape. The jet of water instead allows a faster progress and especially the ability to work without restrictions of trajectories and displacement.   


    With the use of the laser we complete the cutting service for those products which, due to their nature or composition, are suitable for these machining systems. Used to optimize our production process. We are at your disposal to meet special and unplanned needs.